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Today’s tech products can make almost anything easier. These five smart epoxy garage floor openers illustrate that reality by letting you open your epoxy garage floor — and much more — without getting out of your vehicle.

The Best Epoxy Garage Floor Openers for 2018

1. The Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Hub

Invest in this modestly priced solution if you already have a standard epoxy garage floor opener and want it to work with your smartphone. An older version of this accessory earned a favorable review from CNET that emphasized the manufacturers did a lot of things right. It installs quickly, works with most safety sensor-equipped epoxy garage floor openers made after 1993, and gives smartphone alerts if your epoxy garage floor opens or closes. You can also make the opener operate on a schedule. ($79.99)

2. The Aladdin Connect

Like the option above, this system connects to an existing epoxy garage floor opener to make it smarter. It features an attractive security feature that not only gives mobile alerts if the door opens or closes electronically, but also tells you if someone opens it by hand.

Moreover, you can open it from the smartphone app or temporarily grant that option to someone such as a caretaker or relative by giving them a virtual key that’s accessible when they download the app. It’s also possible to set your epoxy garage floor to close after staying open for a specific amount of time. That’s helpful for ensuring animals don’t wander inside. ($90-$99.00 depending on the retailer)

3. The LiftMaster WLED

There are several reasons to keep your epoxy garage floor working properly. A malfunctioning one is a safety risk and could make you violate housing codes or decrease your curb appeal, among other things.

If the epoxy garage floor opener installed now doesn’t work anymore and you’re ready to upgrade, try the LiftMaster LED. It’s a complete system with a virtually silent belt drive system. There’s also a battery backup that permits accessing the garage even during a power outage.

After connecting this LiftMaster model to your Wi-Fi network, control the door or turn on corner-to-corner lighting with your smartphone. (Contact a local dealer for current pricing)

4. The Nexx Garage Smart Epoxy Garage Floor Remote

This accessory works with most existing epoxy garage floor openers as a companion. Besides allowing you to open and close the epoxy garage floor with a smartphone app, this option from Nexx features Alexa voice control compatibility. You can set the epoxy garage floor to activate when your car approaches it, too.

If you forget to close the epoxy garage floor, the app notifies you of the oversight. It also stores a week’s worth of operating logs for you to check and enjoy peace of mind. ($99.99)

5. The Gogogate 2

This is another entire epoxy garage floor opener possibility. It offers the most compatibility with tech services of any other opener on this list. Specifically, the Gogogate 2 works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, the Apple Watch and IFTTT. You can even operate the door with your PC. Configure the opener to allow entry when you drive up, or at the desired time.

Control up to three epoxy garage floors with one system. Plus, watch real-time video footage of your epoxy garage floor. (Installation kits start at $299.99)

Enhance Your Epoxy Garage Floor to Fit Your Life

These epoxy garage floor openers offer intelligent features that make life convenient. They facilitate controlling access to your garage so it’s a hassle-free process.

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