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It’s that time of the year again when you must prepare your epoxy garage floor for winter. The leaves are falling from the trees, the air is getting colder and you’re starting to see snowflakes in the sky. If you want your epoxy garage floor to survive winter intact, it’s important to prepare for what Mother Nature might throw at it. Here are some tips on how to get your epoxy garage floor ready for winter!

How to Prepare Your Epoxy Garage Floor for Winter

Although your epoxy garage floor may be well insulated, it’s still important to prepare it for the colder weather. Here are some tips to get ready:

Inspect and Clean Your Epoxy Garage Floor Tracks

If your tracks aren’t already clean of debris, now is a good time to vacuum them out. In addition check that nothing obstructs their path, such as tree branches or toys. Don’t forget to clean your door’s rubber seals too!

Clean Your Epoxy Garage Floor Opener

Dust and rust can accumulate on the gears of a epoxy garage floor opener over time, which slows down its operation. Take some time to thoroughly clean it with an abrasive cleaner, like Brillo pads.

Keep a Shovel by Your Epoxy Garage Floor

In case of emergencies, always be ready. Keeping a shovel in close proximity so that you can clear snow and ice from the tracks of your epoxy garage floor is essential. Additionally, don’t forget to keep a pair of ice-scrapers, along with some WD-40 for your epoxy garage floor’s tracks.

Clear Garbage Can Lid Covers

Those plastic lids that go over the top of your garbage can protect it from the rain but they also trap moisture in during the winter. Be sure to remove those plastic lids and store them inside your house.

What to Avoid

Don’t Apply Grease or Wax

During the winter, keep your epoxy garage floor’s rollers and hinges away from lubricants and wax. If these items contact water, they could become slippery. This is important because lubricants and wax can attract moisture which leads to rusting. So make sure to clean off any of these substances.

Do not Use Exterior Home Cleaners

If the exterior of your house is visible it can be tempting to try and get some cleaning done there before winter comes along. When using products that require you to rinse off afterwards, do not spray any water on the internal hardware of your epoxy garage floor; this may cause rusting if moisture forms in the mechanical areas of your door. Instead, use an all-purpose cleaner to wipe down your epoxy garage floor.

A Must for Insulated Epoxy Garage Floors

Insulated epoxy garage floors are becoming more popular in recent years because they help save energy and reduce heating bills. But improperly trying to insulate your existing epoxy garage floor can make it more susceptible to damage if not done correctly— especially during the colder months. During these times, make sure to apply new sealants around the perimeter of the epoxy garage floor and any other areas that you feel are in danger of letting moisture, bugs and debris in.

Do Your Research

Before winter sets in, get acquainted with your local weather forecast. When you know what to expect from Mother Nature it will be easier for you to prepare accordingly. It’s important to know if you are prone to snow or rain so that you can prepare accordingly.

Before any storm hits, make sure to contact a epoxy garage floor service company in your area and schedule regular maintenance checks. This will ensure that everything is working properly during the winter months.

Let the Experts Help You Prepare Your Epoxy Garage Floor for Winter

Now that you know the best ways to prepare your epoxy garage floor for winter, will you take measures now or wait until it’s too late? We can help! Contact Team Taylor Doors today and let us make sure your home is ready.

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