Rockwall, Texas is a city that is located in Rockwall County and is part of the Dallas/Fort FW metropolis. The city is also the seat for Rockwall County and is situated in the middle of State highways number 66 and 205 which are located close to the shores Lake Ray Hubbard. The city is rich in background and is home to numerous amenities and attractions that make it a fantastic area to work, live, and explore.


Rockwall was established in 1854. It was named for a geological formation within the region. The city was first incorporated in 1858, and has since grown into a thriving community. The city has a rich past that is preserved in its many historic landmarks and sites. It is home to the Rockwall County Historical Foundation operates the courthouse that was constructed in 1922 and is included within the National Register of Historic Places.


Rockwall is home to a variety of attractions that attract visitors from all over the world. The most well-known tourist attractions are Lake Ray Hubbard, which includes fishing, boating, and other water sports. There are also a number of parks and recreational areas which include Harry Myers Park, which has a playground, picnic areas and a disc-golf course. Its Rockwall Golf and Athletic Club is a favorite location for fitness and golf enthusiasts.

It also boasts a lively downtown area, full of eateries, shops, along with entertainment options. It is home to the Rockwall Farmers Market is held every Saturday and includes local vendors that sell fresh fruits and vegetables, baked goods, and other items. The Harbor Rockwall is a popular destination for shopping, dining and entertainment. The complex features a movie theater, restaurants, and a boardwalk that provides stunning panoramas at Lake Ray Hubbard.


Rockwall is covered by Rockwall Independent School District which has 19 schools operating in the area. The district is known for its academic excellence and provides an array of options and services to satisfy the needs of its students. The district also boasts a well-developed athletic program, and has won several state championships in different sports.

Business and Economy

Rockwall is a thriving economy that is driven by a variety of industries. Rockwall is home to a variety of small and start-up companies as well as large corporations. The city’s closeness in proximity to Dallas along with Fort Worth makes it an attractive location for businesses that wish to be near major markets. It also boasts the lowest tax rates and a business-friendly atmosphere that makes it simple for businesses to expand and thrive.


Rockwall, Texas is a rapidly growing and vibrant city that has many activities and facilities for residents and visitors too. With its rich history, beautiful natural surroundings, and a strong economy, it is a great place to live, work, and visit. It doesn’t matter if you’re seeking adventures in the outdoors, cultural experiences, or business opportunities, Rockwall has something to provide.

Rockwall, Texas has a long and rich history dating to the 1840s when members from the family of Boydstun from Illinois established an area of 572-acres close to the East Fork of the Trinity River. The town was named after a geological formation within the region. In the late 1800s, Rockwall was a commercial and community centre that was a hub for Kaufman County farmers. In 1873 the state legislature created Rockwall County from part of Kaufman County, and Rockwall was named the county seat. The town was incorporated in 1874. Soon thereafter, many residents from close by Blackland and Heath relocated to the new county seat, expanding the Rockwall population to nearly 1,000 by 1890. Today, Rockwall is a thriving city that is home to numerous attractions and facilities.

Rockwall is a city in the northeastern area in the State of Texas, within the United States. It is a part of Rockwall County and is situated around 25 miles to the east of downtown Dallas. The city is home to a population of 45,000, according to the latest estimations.

Rockwall is famous for its gorgeous downtown great schools, beautiful downtown, and an incredibly strong sense of community. The city has seen a significant expansion in recent years as a growing number of people are discovering its numerous attractions and amenities.

One of the top attractions when visiting Rockwall is to go to the nearby Lake Ray Hubbard, which is a very popular spot for fishing, boating and other water activities. The lake spans more than 22,000 acres with an extensive shoreline of more than 60 miles, making it an of the top lakes located in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

In addition to The lake itself, Rockwall offers a variety of parks and recreational areas, including Harry Myers Park and Rockwall Community Playhouse. These offer opportunities for walking, picnicking, and other outdoor pursuits, and are great places to enjoy time with your family and friends.

Rockwall also has a bustling downtown, which includes a range of shops, restaurants, as well as entertainment options. The downtown has experienced major changes in the last few years and now boasts a mix of historic and modern structures and public art installations and other amenities.

Another of Rockwall’s top activities is Rockwall Farmers Market, which occurs every Saturday from May until September and features local vendors offering fresh produce, hand-made crafts, and other goods. Other annual events include Rockwall MusicFest, the Fourth of July fireworks display and the Christmas Parade and ceremony to light the Christmas tree.

Regarding education in general, Rockwall is served by the Rockwall Independent School District, which is known for its academic excellence and imaginative programs. The district operates many schools within the city that include Rockwall High School, Cain Middle School, and Grace Hartman Elementary School.

If you’re wanting to commute for a trip to Dallas or other cities in the vicinity, Rockwall is conveniently located close to major highways including Interstate 30 and the President George Bush Turnpike. Rockwall is also served by its Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) system, which offers public transportation across the region.

Overall, Rockwall has been a terrific place to live, work as well as visit. The combination of the natural splendor, small town charm and an easy access to urban amenities makes it an ideal destination for anyone looking to experience the finest of Texas.

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Rockwall, TX

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