Common Epoxy Garage Floor Problems

There are plenty of common epoxy garage floor problems that happen all the time. Hopefully, they are easy fixes and not too serious. But if you do have problems, you should get them checked out by a professional, before they get worse.

Sometimes it is due to the weather, other times it can be from dirt, something blocking the door, or an accident. Sometimes, epoxy garage floor parts just wear out and need to be repaired or replaced.

Common Epoxy Garage Floor Problems and What to Do About Them

It’s actually not uncommon for your epoxy garage floor to have small issues throughout the year. It’s a heavy door that gets a lot of use.

Door Won’t Move

You are repeatedly pushing the button on the remote, you try the wall panel, you even try to move it manually. Nothing. This could be the remote, the keypad on the wall, the motor of the opener, or something else.

Check the batteries of the remote. Make sure they are fresh and dry. If that doesn’t solve the problem, there could be something more serious that is wrong. You should call the professionals to come to check it out to avoid any further problems.

Door Only Opens or Closes Part Way

Another common epoxy garage floor problem is when the door only opens or closes a part of the way. This can be very frustrating and you may be tempted to give it a good shove.

This could be down to a balance problem, there may be something broken or jammed, the springs may be shot, or the track could be blocked. Even if you can see a problem, don’t try to fix it yourself. You can get badly injured.

Common Epoxy Garage Floor Problems: Epoxy Garage Floor is Slanted

If one side of your epoxy garage floor goes up a little more than the other, then there is a problem you shouldn’t try to fix yourself. These doors are heavy and if there is damage, you can get hurt.

This could be an indication there is something broken inside. Something may have slipped out of the track, a broken spring, or something blocking the movement of the door.

Epoxy Garage Floor is Noisy

A very common epoxy garage floor problem is the door making a lot of noise. This could be due to parts breaking and wearing down, something blocking it, dirt or grime building up, or an issue with the rollers.

Unless the problem is obvious, which it rarely is, you should contact your epoxy garage floor specialists to have them come by and check it out. They can inspect your doors and see if there are any damages or problems that need to be repaired.

Door Bounces Back before Opening or Closing all The Way

Sometimes, your epoxy garage floor will be almost closed, or it closes all the way, but starts to back open again. This can happen in reverse, as well, if you are trying to open it and it closes before it’s finished.

This could be the photo eye sensors. They may have something on them, like grease, or there is something blocking their way between them. You can move anything that may be obstructing their view or give them a quick wipe.

Common Epoxy Garage Floor Problems

You can always try to troubleshoot the problems yourself, but you are better off contacting your epoxy garage floor experts. There are plenty of things that can go wrong that you simply shouldn’t attempt to fix yourself.

Call us here at Team Taylor Doors. We can talk you through the issue or come out and check out your epoxy garage floors ourselves.

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