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Experiencing some Lee’s Summit City epoxy garage floor issues? These problems can be quite common. Sometimes these problems start off small and we ignore them until they are big problems.

Other times, they seem to just appear all at once. There are going to be plenty of things that go wrong with your epoxy garage floors. But, if addressed sooner than later—they are often very easily solved.

Common Lee’s Summit City Epoxy Garage Floor Problems and What to Do About Them

Most problems with your Lee’s Summit City epoxy garage floor will be quite common. Unless it has been damaged by an outside force, these are the most common.

Epoxy Garage Floor Won’t Move

If your door doesn’t respond to the remote or keypad, it could be a power related issue.

Check the batteries in your remote. If those are fine, check your circuit breaker and make sure those haven’t tripped or a fuse has burnt out.

Check to see that there is still power going to your epoxy garage floor opener b testing the outlet with another accessory you know works.

If these are fine, there may be a chance your motor or circuit board for your epoxy garage floor opener has burned out.

Making Noises

If your door makes a lot of weird noises, that is another common Lee’s Summit City epoxy garage floor problem. There could be several reasons your door is making noise. It may bang, grind, squeak, thud or moan.

Safely inspect your epoxy garage floor to make sure there is nothing caught in any of the mechanisms. Try adding lubricant to the places that are making noise first, then the remaining moving parts. The ball bearings in your epoxy garage floors rollers may be going bad.

Moves Unevenly

If your Lee’s Summit City epoxy garage floor doesn’t close or open evenly, there could be something caught in the tracks or an issue with your epoxy garage floors cables or springs This is when one side is higher up than the other.

Check and clean off the tracks, and make sure there is nothing wrong with the springs. If you see a problem with the springs or damage to the tracks, call in the professionals.

Door is Jammed

If the door has only made it partway to opening or closing, there could be a problem with a few different things. There may be a problem with the spring cable, the spring cable pulleys, the spring itself, or the track.

These are not problems you should try to fix yourself. If the spring or spring cable needs to be replaced, call the professionals to do it for you. Also, the track may need to be repaired if it has been damaged.

Door Moves too Slowly

Perhaps your Lee’s Summit City epoxy garage floor is now moving much slower than it used to. This may be momentarily solved with a bit of lubricant, but it may be more serious than that.

The motor may be dying out, the pulleys and springs can be wearing out, the speed setting may have been adjusted, or the mechanisms are just wearing out and getting old.

Lee’s Summit City Epoxy Garage Floors

While things will almost always go wrong with your epoxy garage floor, the best solution is always prevention. Call us here at Team Taylor Doors for your epoxy garage floor inspection.

Follow this link to learn more about epoxy garage floor problems or simply contact us to come out and look at your epoxy garage floors. Whatever the problem with your epoxy garage floor, we can definitely handle it. Our team of technicians is highly trained and experienced in any type of emergency epoxy garage floor service. Whatever the make or model, they will be able to diagnose the problem, offer you solutions and immediately fix the issues.

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