epoxy garage floor repair service

Far too often, we never really think about the condition of our epoxy garage floor until it’s too late. Keeping it in top working order not only prolongs the life of the door, but it will make your life much easier.

Our epoxy garage floors get used every day, often several times a day. Parts can get knocked loose, it can get dirt, dust, salt, and sand, or other bits of debris stuck in various moving parts.

How Often Should I Have My Epoxy Garage Floor Serviced?

Ideally, you should have your epoxy garage floor serviced twice a year. Between the harsh winter weather and the heat and humidity, it could use a good check-up in the spring and the fall.

The best time is when it is still working properly, not when it isn’t. Waiting until there is a problem is going to take longer and cost you a lot more. Keep it working perfectly by taking care of it.

But it is more than just having your epoxy garage floor in great working order, it’s also a matter of safety. If your epoxy garage floor isn’t working or it isn’t taken care of, you or someone could get injured.

A faulty epoxy garage floor is also an invitation to thieves, animals, and not getting your door serviced means bad weather can also get in. Rain, snow, cold, the moving parts can break or freeze, and then you may be stuck.

Why Get a Professional Service

There are plenty of ways that you can help keep your garage working well, and you should do monthly maintenance checks and small services to keep the door in great shape.

But having your epoxy garage floor and opener serviced by a professional is just a smart investment. There are several things you should leave to those who know what they are doing.

Professionals know what to look for when it comes to problems or potential problems. Besides, if you do something that makes the situation worse, it can cost a lot more to fix afterward, and may even void your warranty.


Your professional service people have the proper tools that may be needed for checking various parts of the epoxy garage floor’s working system. These are not always available for everyone to buy and if there are small repairs needed, they come prepared.


When you trust the service team to service your door, you know they will be completely thorough. They know what to look for, where things are located, and what could be the cause of any problems, if any, you may be having.


Putting some oil on a squeaking part or tightening a bolt is fine for DIY, but you don’t want to start messing about with anything that has the potential to cause a lot of injuries.

You could lose your fingers, your eye, or even your life if you are not careful and don’t know what you are doing.


Problems with your epoxy garage floor never happen when it’s convenient. When you have a regular inspection and service for your epoxy garage floor, you know that everything they do will be under their promise that it will work.


It’s actually much less expensive to call us for your epoxy garage floor maintenance and repairs than doing it yourself. There are little things that you should do, but call us when you need more than just a tweak.

At Team Taylor we can check your epoxy garage floor and make sure there are no problems. Call us when you need repairs, advice, or you need your epoxy garage floor serviced.

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