epoxy garage floor for winter

There is a lot to do to get ready when the weather gets colder and one of them is to prepare your epoxy garage floor for winter. Your epoxy garage floor takes a beating all through the year, but it can be worse in freezing temperatures.

The cold outside and the warmer temperature inside can actually damage your epoxy garage floor. Plus, winterizing your epoxy garage floor can help keep your garage and the rest of the house warmer.

How to Prepare Your Epoxy Garage Floor for Winter

Your epoxy garage floor does a lot more than protect your belongings. Taking care of it helps it work better. It can also keep your home warmer and help to cut back on your energy bills through the winter.

Get it Inspected

The first step when you prepare your epoxy garage floor for winter is to get it inspected by a professional. They can tell you if there are any potential or existing problems with it.

They know epoxy garage floors, so make sure you call and schedule an inspection before it gets too cold. They will make recommendations for keeping your epoxy garage floor working all winter.

Get it Repaired

If your epoxy garage floor has a few dents, cracks, or holes, get these repaired. Preparing your epoxy garage floor for winter means keeping the cold, snow, and ice on the outside.

Getting it all sealed will keep your garage much warmer inside and protect your car and belongings much better. Even a small crack can let snow and ice in and it can get much worse over the winter.

Get Your Epoxy Garage Floor Insulated

Another great way to prepare your epoxy garage floor for winter is to have it insulated. This will make a really big improvement to the amount of heat that stays inside the garage.

It will keep the door from freezing and protect everything inside, plus keep your home warmer. You can get insulation applied on the outside, or you can replace the door with one that is insulated on the inside.

Replace Old or Damaged Doors

Don’t waste your time with an old, tired epoxy garage floor. If yours doesn’t work properly, is damaged, is rusted, or just seen better days, get a new one. Your car and belongings will be much better protected.

Plus, spending money on an old epoxy garage floor that is well past its prime is just a waste. Getting a new door installed will make the world of difference by performing better and improving the look of your home, as well.

Keep Items Cleared Away

Consider getting a separate shed to store all your summer equipment. If your garage is too full, the door will consistently bang against items damaging it.

Keeping things out of the way, like shovels, sleds, and your snow blower will keep them from getting damaged from the door hitting them, as well.

Regular Maintenance

Keeping up with the maintenance will also help prepare your epoxy garage floor for winter. Keeping everything in ship shape will make sure you don’t have any unpleasant surprises.

Hire a professional to make sure all the moving parts are working and maintained. While there are things you can do yourself, someone who works with epoxy garage floors all the time will know what to do and what problems, if any, to look for.

Prepare Your Epoxy Garage Floor for Winter

Don’t wait too long before you get your epoxy garage floor ready for winter. To find out more about your epoxy garage floor or schedule an appointment, you can contact us here today at Team Taylor Doors.

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