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When getting a new epoxy garage floor, you don’t want the same door as your neighbor, but you want one that will fit your home as well. Choosing how your garage opens as well as the way it looks is completely up to you. New epoxy garage floor trends are sparking up all the time, whether it’s a epoxy garage floor or a front door. You’ll want all the 411 before you choose the right one for your home!

Materials Matter

The location of your home can help you determine what you want your epoxy garage floor made out of. Some places that have a lot of rain and/or snow wouldn’t typically be a good area to have a wooden epoxy garage floor. Warmer areas with not a lot of precipitation would be a great place for a wooden door.

Wood can give your home a more natural look and can go quite nicely with the vinyl, wood or James Hardie Lee’s Summit City siding on siding on your home. Options for wood doors come as either wood composite with a wood frame or a layered wood door, layering the wood is to prevent warping.

Metal is traditionally used for epoxy garage floors and can come in a few different colors. You don’t have to specifically use white, especially if you aren’t a fan of white. Metals to pick from are steel or aluminum for your door. Garage door openers are used for metal doors more often than other materials, making it easier to open and close the door.

Vinyl and fiberglass are the last two material options. These are built to be tough, and won’t easily dent or crack. Vinyl is often referred to as ‘kid-proof’ and can survive a ball being hit against it or a bike running into it.

Ways to Open Your Epoxy Garage Floor

The way your epoxy garage floor opens is one of those epoxy garage floor trends that define the way the rest of your home looks. Most garages are remote-controlled and open at the touch of a button. Whereas others have to be slid or pulled open by hand. If you’re looking at luxury and ease of everyday use, you’ll want to opt for one with a remote-controlled unit.

Garage doors usually roll up or are sectional, meaning they are attached on the sides and top of the garage, with the tracks starting at the floor and curving up to the ceiling with the motor attached in the middle of the ceiling.

Other opening options can include barn doors, slide to the side, side hinged, or up and over the canopy. Some of these can be programmed with a remote, while others you’ll have to open by hand or with the use of a handle on the inside or outside of the door.

Top Trends

One of the new epoxy garage floor trends is adding windows to your epoxy garage floor with new additions of side windows, not just windows on the top. Glass doors have been introduced more recently, giving homes a modern look with the use of metal in between the glass panels. You can choose from clear glass or frosted/translucent glass.

Deceiving the eye can be a fun way to get your new epoxy garage floor some attention. Adding the look of a barn door to your sectional door will have the neighbors talking and wanting one themselves.

Another way to fake everyone out is to have a door with panels that look like windows but aren’t. You can add an extra layer of translucent panels to your already existing sectional door for a brand new look.

You can give your home a seaside look with the help of shutter-style doors. You can flip open the grooves during the day to get some fresh air, but close them up at night to give some extra privacy.

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