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One of the hardest parts of getting a new epoxy garage floor is the staggering variety of epoxy garage floor styles that are available. Your epoxy garage floor is actually a big part of your home.


Most epoxy garage floors can take up 30% of the front appearance of your home. Making your choice in replacement an important one.

It not only protects your belongings, but it adds a great deal of curb appeal to your home. But you also need to look at the ease of use, durability, and how it holds up to wear and tear.

Popular Epoxy Garage Floor Styles to Consider

Just because you want your epoxy garage floor to be functional, doesn’t mean you have to settle for basic.


Traditional raised panel epoxy garage floors are one of the most popular choices today. They are an inexpensive option and can be made of wood, steel, fiberglass and other materials.

They have square or rectangle panels, and can be made to look like other materials. They can also come with windows, insulated and they provide a clean, sleek look.

Raised Panel

The raised panel epoxy garage floor is also a very popular choice. These work well for both traditional and contemporary homes. Raised panel epoxy garage floors are characterized by a set of slightly raised panels that are symmetrical and clean-looking.

Raised panel doors are usually made of fiberglass, steel, or aluminum, and are very easy to paint. Because they are versatile, they can be used on any style of home you have.


Another popular epoxy garage floor style to think about is the contemporary or modern epoxy garage floor. These often use a mix of traditional style with something very modern.

Most contemporary epoxy garage floors have clean panels with bold borders and a combination of metal, glass, and wood. There is nothing that really defines these epoxy garage floors and they are easy to customize.


Carriage-style houses have been around for centuries and that style is still just as popular today.

Even if one doesn’t have a carriage house, carriage house epoxy garage floors are often the epoxy garage floor of choice. The carriage epoxy garage floor style’s beautiful features are easily transferable to a handful of other home styles.

Garage door styles are called carriage due to their rustic, barn door-like appearance. They usually open manually, but can be automated, like a regular double door and may have a row of small windows running across the tops of the doors.


Roller Doors open vertically and curl up into a roll above the opening. Great for smaller spaces— yet still secure. The roller door is the most versatile as it can be fitted inside, in between and outside the garage opening.


The hinged epoxy garage floor style opens out toward you, like old-time saloon doors. These are great for easy access but not great if your space is limited. However, they can look great, be insulated and very secure.

Up and Over

Up and over is likely the most popular epoxy garage floor style. It is usually the easiest type of epoxy garage floor to buy and install. Manual or automatic, secure, and available in a multitude of colors, designs, and materials.


These doors come in panel sections that open and slide upwards, and then curve back into the garage on horizontal rails. Great for insulation, smaller spaces, and works on a roller system.

Epoxy Garage Floor Styles

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