kansas city epoxy garage floor repair

If you are having problems with your Lee’s Summit City epoxy garage floor, you may be wondering if it needs to be fixed or if you need a new one. Just because your epoxy garage floor is acting up doesn’t mean it necessarily needs to be replaced though.

With regular maintenance and proper care, your epoxy garage floor should last a long time. However, they do wear out. So if yours seems like it is not working as it should, get it checked out by a professional sooner than later.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Lee’s Summit City Epoxy Garage Floor?

Simple wear and tear on your door can cause things to start to break down. Daily use takes its toll, but if the door gets damaged, that is a whole new problem.

Repairing or Replacing

If your epoxy garage floor isn’t too badly damaged or just needs a bit of TLC, you should be fine with repairs only.


Perhaps your epoxy garage floor is making a new noise lately. Squeaking, banging, thudding, or grinding noises can be rather common in older doors. Hopefully, they just need a cleaning, tightening of loose hardware or some lubrication.

Repairs may be needed to upgrade the mechanisms that open and close the door. They can get bits of dirt, leaves, pet hair, and other debris stuck in them and cause them to become noisy or not operate correctly.


A few dents and dings in the door or panels can start to make the door look like it is worse off than it is. Paint panel replacements to freshen them up or even just having a few of the dents popped out can give your Lee’s Summit City epoxy garage floor new life.

However, if there has been some severe damage where the door is not working properly or providing the safety that you need— then you need to consider replacing your epoxy garage floor.

If the epoxy garage floor is even moderately mechanically damaged along with cosmetic or surface damage, it is still likely better to replace it. Repairs may last a few years more, but the epoxy garage floor may have structural damage.


If your Lee’s Summit City epoxy garage floor doesn’t work properly that’s a problem. You don’t want the door getting stuck and making the whole garage unusable. If you can’t get in or out, can’t keep the elements from getting in or there is a risk that someone else can get in— you need to replace it.

Age of the Door

If your Lee’s Summit City epoxy garage floor is older than ten years old and has moderate to extreme operating issues, you may want to just replace it. There is not a lot of sense in repairing an old epoxy garage floor repeatedly when a new epoxy garage floor comes with all new hardware.

Investing in repairs for an older door can likely be better spent on a replacement epoxy garage floor. There are often more modern features on new epoxy garage floors, so it is definitely an upgrade.


If your Lee’s Summit City epoxy garage floor is in pretty bad shape, it’s most likely better to invest in the new one. Repairs can be expensive, so you need to weigh the cost for repairs— which may need to be done again down the road or having a new epoxy garage floor installed.

Lee’s Summit City Epoxy Garage Floors

If you need some advice on your Lee’s Summit City epoxy garage floor, give us a call here at Team Taylor Doors.  Our team of technicians is highly trained and experienced in any type of emergency epoxy garage floor repair service.

Whether your epoxy garage floor problem requires a replacement or repair of the door itself or any of its components— our technicians will be able to advise you on the most cost-effective and appropriate solution.

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