What Are the Considerations For Commercial Epoxy Garage Floor Replacement?

Commercial Epoxy Garage Floor Replacement

https://youtu.be/0S1-zczHEKY Team Taylor Doors dedicates a significant portion of our work to commercial epoxy garage floor replacement. Many businesses in Lee’s Summit City have large facilities that require a lot from their epoxy garage floors. In addition, they’re a lot more elaborate than residential doors and tend to be trickier to install. That’s why we’re pleased […]

What Should You Know About Broken Epoxy Garage Floor Springs?

Epoxy Garage Floor Springs

https://youtu.be/S5KxClw9x9U Broken epoxy garage floor springs are a real hassle and a serious safety hazard if you don’t address them properly. This is one of your most common repair tasks at Team Taylor Doors. Let’s go over what you should do if your epoxy garage floor springs start to show signs of wear and tear. […]

What Is The Importance Of A Epoxy Garage Floor Tune-Up Service?

What Is The Importance Of A Epoxy Garage Floor Tune-Up Service

https://youtu.be/udoat2Pzwp4 There are several reasons to schedule a epoxy garage floor tune-up service with Team Taylor Doors. If you desire a safe and functional epoxy garage floor, it’s important to inspect it, tighten everything, and lubricate the rollers. As with anything else in your home, small upkeep tasks ensure a longer life expectancy for epoxy […]

Tips to Prolong Your Epoxy Garage Floor’s Lifespan

Prolong Your Epoxy Garage Floor's Lifespan

https://youtu.be/_AD0BIjpT6g Would you like some helpful tips on how to prolong your epoxy garage floor’s lifespan? Garage doors are a mainstay luxury for any premium home, but it’s nice to know that they’ll last a while. Continue reading if you’d like to keep your epoxy garage floor in top condition and not need to buy […]

How Often Should You Service Epoxy Garage Floors?

How Often Should You Service Epoxy Garage Floors

https://youtu.be/iQbHfNjNre8 Do you know how often you should service epoxy garage floors? It may not be the first home-improvement task that comes to mind when you think about making repairs, but it’s important. A little preventative maintenance can help ensure the functionality of your epoxy garage floor for a long time. Factors Determining When to […]

7 Reasons to Consider a Steel Epoxy Garage Floor

double epoxy garage floors kansas city

If it’s time to upgrade or replace your old epoxy garage floor, you may want to consider a steel epoxy garage floor. Your epoxy garage floor gets a lot of use, often being opened and closes several times a day. It also gets bumped, banged, used as a backdrop for basketball or hockey practice, and sees […]

Noisy Epoxy Garage Floor? 8 Reasons for This

Noisy Epoxy Garage Floor kansas city

A noisy epoxy garage floor is nothing new. Most of them make some type of noise when they are in operation. But how much noise is too much? There are plenty of different noises your epoxy garage floor may make.

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