What New Overland Park Epoxy Garage Floor Styles & Designs Are Popular Today

Overland Park Epoxy Garage Floor

https://youtu.be/55-CeiTLJTM Team Taylor Doors is happy to provide all manners of Overland Park epoxy garage floor installation and service. It helps to know what kind of epoxy garage floor you want before making any purchase. That’s why we want to cover the most popular styles. You don’t always have to choose the popular variety, but […]

What Should You Know About Shopping For A New Epoxy Garage Floor?

New Epoxy Garage Floor

https://youtu.be/Fy9dRHHjOsE A new epoxy garage floor could be just what you need to skyrocket your home’s curb appeal. Now, more than ever, there are many ways to secure and beautify your home with effective options. Here are some suggestions on what to look out for when you want to upgrade your epoxy garage floor. What […]

What Are Common Overland Park Epoxy Garage Floor Repair Problems?

Epoxy Garage Floor Repair Problems

https://youtu.be/pgqRvYPr5GA It’s time to take a look at the common Overland Park epoxy garage floor repair problems. This will help you to know what to watch for when you’re inspecting your epoxy garage floor. These problems happen everywhere, but we highlight them here because we encounter them often with our clients in Overland Park. Most […]

Why Should You Consider Getting A Epoxy Garage Floor Opener Upgrade For Your Home?

Epoxy Garage Floor Opener

https://youtu.be/BZbyg3nHNE0 A epoxy garage floor opener upgrade can greatly optimize your home’s security and make coming and going even more convenient. There are several great options for this and Team Taylor Doors is happy to install them. Let’s look at all of the security, technological, and practical advantages of upgrading your home’s epoxy garage floor. […]

What Is The Importance Of A Epoxy Garage Floor Tune-Up Service?

What Is The Importance Of A Epoxy Garage Floor Tune-Up Service

https://youtu.be/udoat2Pzwp4 There are several reasons to schedule a epoxy garage floor tune-up service with Team Taylor Doors. If you desire a safe and functional epoxy garage floor, it’s important to inspect it, tighten everything, and lubricate the rollers. As with anything else in your home, small upkeep tasks ensure a longer life expectancy for epoxy […]

DIY Lee’s Summit City Epoxy Garage Floor Insulation

epoxy garage floors kansas city

DIY Lee’s Summit City Epoxy Garage Floor Insulation As winter sets in, the benefits of an insulated epoxy garage floor become very apparent. You can save big money on utility bills by keeping cold air out of your garage and, by extension, your home. Of course, the easiest way to upgrade to an insulated epoxy […]

Epoxy Garage Floor Styles to Consider for 2022

Epoxy Garage Floor Styles

While a epoxy garage floor is there to protect your belongings, it doesn’t mean you should ignore epoxy garage floor styles. It should add to the overall style of your home and enhance it.

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