Commercial Epoxy Garage Floor Replacement

Team Taylor Doors dedicates a significant portion of our work to commercial epoxy garage floor replacement. Many businesses in Lee’s Summit City have large facilities that require a lot from their epoxy garage floors.

In addition, they’re a lot more elaborate than residential doors and tend to be trickier to install. That’s why we’re pleased to offer prompt and effective epoxy garage floor replacement service to the business owners in our community.

Many Businesses With Several Different Epoxy Garage Floors

Nowadays, the epoxy garage floor is the most common entryway for homes and businesses alike. The only difference is that many commercial sites use them even more, sometimes opening and closing several times each hour. This leads to lots of wear and tear, which eventually necessitates getting a new door.

What kind of businesses uses our epoxy garage floors? There’s a pretty wide variety, actually.

It could be a shipping/delivery company, like FedEx, which operates hundreds of doors all over their facility. Many service companies (like auto mechanics or plumbers) use their doors extensively. Most fire departments operate several epoxy garage floors that have to be large enough to accommodate those huge trucks. It depends on the business whether they’ll work with a vertical lift or high lift type of epoxy garage floor.

Important Epoxy Garage Floor Considerations for Businesses

Companies come to us in search of epoxy garage floors that provide sufficient insulation and optimal security. Security is a big deal for almost all of them.

Lee’s Summit City is a nice place to live, but there’s still a risk of burglary, which is a huge expense for businesses with multiple trucks, expensive merchandise, and equipment. This usually boils down to getting a sturdy and reliable seal. Once you’ve lost that, your epoxy garage floor is no longer dependable from a security standpoint.

Better to Replace the Whole Door Most of The Time

We generally advise against trying to replace smaller components repeatedly when it’s better to replace the whole door. We’ve seen clients spend lots of money replacing things like springs, rollers, or safety eyes. Oftentimes, you get a much better bang for your buck by selecting a new door.

When You May Need Commercial Epoxy Garage Floor Replacement Service

So, what are the telltale signs you may need to replace your business’s epoxy garage floor?

● You’re starting to have security problems, possibly because of intruders getting through a poorly sealed epoxy garage floor.
● Your epoxy garage floor rollers are severely worn.
● The door isn’t opening consistently or properly.
● It no longer seals all the way.
● You need a bigger door (or more of them) if you are expanding your property.
● The weather stripping is beginning to crack.
● You notice a lot of noises: squeaking, grinding, and so forth.

We cover these issues in greater depth in our other blog post: 10 signs it’s time to replace your Lee’s Summit City commercial door. If you decide to install a new epoxy garage floor at your business, this is definitely not a DIY task. It’s usually not worth the time and struggle, so give Team Taylor Doors a call for expert service.

Commercial Epoxy Garage Floor Replacement Service With Team Taylor Doors

We encourage you to get in touch with us if you think your epoxy garage floor has become a problem for your business’s security. Most doors are good for about 10,000 open/close cycles, which can accumulate quickly in a busy commercial building. Whether you want to replace an entire door, part of it, or need a routine inspection, Team Taylor Doors is at your service.

You probably know how important good service is for business owners, and it’s a big emphasis of ours as well. We can vouch for 100% customer satisfaction through numerous positive testimonials. Plus, we hold the distinction of #1 Rated Garage Repair Service, according to BloggerLocal.

Call us today to get a free estimate for a commercial epoxy garage floor replacement for your business.

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